Plenty Vaporizor from Storz and Bickel! Renowned for their unique designs, Storz and Bickel with quality German engineering behind each design. The vaporizer offers the best combination of desktop and portable since the device is held by hand but does not require batteries. You will marvel at its distinctive design and a one of a kind concept in the vaping world.

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How the Plenty Vaporizor works

First put on the switch to supply power to the vaporizer and commence your session. You are then required to set the desired temperature, and without putting down the unit, pull the trigger on the handle for it to heat up. Fill up the loading chamber and attach it to the portable device as you close it by attaching the mouthpiece. After it is fully assembled, you can proceed to take draws and enjoy quality vaping.

The vapour quality of the Plenty vaporizer

An extra-large oven and uniquely styled cooling unit guarantee you a flavourful and pleasant cloud each time you exhale. In addition, a combination of convection and conduction make for a unique hybrid heating system, that provides impressive and rich vapour clouds. The heating exchanger located at the device’s base, supply it with the initial convectional heat. Convection forms the main heat source during the initial phases of your session, but as soon as your device gets hotter conduction begins. Cooling of the vapour occurs through the air that is pulled via the mouthpiece and moves along the metal tube before entering your mouth. Cleaning the device regularly contributes to a better vaping experience, and Storz and Bickel provide the right cleaning set for just that purpose.

Temperature flexibility of the Plenty vaporizer

It comes with seven different temperature settings ranging between 37 and 215 degrees Celsius. To observe the temperature levels, use the analogue display at the front of the device. At such high temperatures, you will benefit from maximum extraction from your cannabis product. Moreover, the wide temperature range makes the product versatile, giving you different vapour densities and flavours throughout your session.

Design of the Plenty vaporizer

Perhaps the most outstanding feature of the portable device, its design appeals to many vaping enthusiasts. It resembles a solid power tool with a notable orange and black pattern. Due to the lack of batteries in its operation, the Plenty vaporizer can withstand long vaping sessions. The design makes it possible to be passed around during your group vaping sessions. Additionally, the unique design despite seeming intimidating to new users offers them a simple to use device requiring no previous skill. It guarantees new users quality vapour clouds regardless of the vaping style since it has a wide-open airflow. On top of this, the lack of resistance makes for perfect draws even without a vaping technique.

The Plenty is undoubtedly a strong addition to the quality lineup of Storz and Bickel and offers users a different design. If you value sessions at home with friends to keep you company, then this vaporizer will suit you just right. Enjoy the premium performance, efficiency and reliability with this superb portable vaporizer.

  • Designed by Storz & Bickel
  • Adjustable temperature between 130 °C and 200 °C
  • High-performance heating cartridge
  • Flavourless and food-safe materials
  • Double helix heat exchanger
  • Automatic switch off


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