wPocket – THC


Carrying your grinder rolling papers and stash can be hectic. You need space in your pockets and some of the accessories might be too big to fit. It can be solved by getting yourself the wpocket THC from our Hollands High Webshop. It is a small bag featuring prints of the weed leaf with the word THC. The small round weed pockets can be handheld, attached to a bigger bag or carried inside another bag. It is the perfect companion for someone who loves going on hikes and walks. They’re a must-have for a serious weed user.

For the love of THC

It is time to get organised and keep all your weed accessories and stash together. The wPocket THC is the perfect item for the job. It is small and has the ideal space to store all your accessories. Your grinder, rolling papers, filter tips and flowers remain safe. They look like regular bags that can be carried by hand or get attached to the belt or bigger bag. It is just a regular purse-like bag. It is also a perfect gift for any time of the year. get yours from our Hollands High Webshop today.


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