wPocket – Abstract


Best Buds wPocket Abstract is a small, beautiful and functional bag to carry around your joints or stash. They are convenient, attractive and highly discreet to help you ferry your flowers without fear of nosy friends. The small round weed pockets can be handheld, attached to a bigger bag or carried inside another bag. It comes with an abstract print, making it look like a regular bag. The size is ideal for any kind of user, whether you are going on a solo session or carrying enough for the whole party. They’re a must-have for a serious weed user. Get yours on our Hollands High Webshop.

Abstract and Perfect

Whenever you are headed out to a party or evening walk and would love to carry some weed, you are met with the dilemma of how to transport. Your pockets will mess up the rolling papers, break your pre-rolled joints or become visible. Getting the Best Buds wpocket will help you solve those problems. It is spacious, and the beautiful prints make it look like a regular bag. Your buds and rolling papers remain safe, and you ferry your accessories discreetly.


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