Ravioli Can Secret Stash Box


When searching through someone’s place for valuables, the last place you will expect to find is in a Ravioli Can. It brings to mind that it is the perfect place to hide your favourite buds. It is a discreet way to ensure no one with itchy hands will find your stash. The compartment is large enough to hold your flowers alongside other valuables and cash. It looks like a normal Ravioli can and will not raise any eyebrows. Buy your Ravioli Can Secret Stash Box from our Hollands High Webshop today.

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It is a real Maggi can that has been converted into a secret box. It is a fantastic way to conceal your valuables in plain sight. This stash can design provides the most storage for a can of this size. We do not use a storage bottle inside which takes away from your storage capacity. You can line the inside with form so as not to give up the items when shaken. You can also easily carry it around. Buy yours from our Hollands High Webshop and enjoy worldwide shipping.

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