Pringles Can Secret Stash Box


Do you have a noisy roommate or family member who can’t keep their hands off your stash? Get the Pringles Secret Stash Can from the Hollands High Webshop. It is a normal Pringles Can to anyone other than you. It looks the usual Pringles can but has an included secret compartment. It is large and can take your stash alongside other valuables like money and jewellery. It is easy to use and has some space when you could add pringles for extra measure. Buy your Pringles Secret Stash Can from our Hollands high Webshop today.

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Perfect for the Kitchen

The Pringles Secret Stash Can is perfect for many places. It fits right beside other items on your kitchen shelf and will not raise suspicion. It is lightweight and easy to carry. You can put around even when travelling and not even the keenest person will notice. The storage capacity is huge enough for your stash and other valuables like jewellery and cash. Order your Pringles Secret Stash Can from our Hollands High Webshop today.


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