Fire Extringuisher Secret Stash Box


Buy the Fire Extinguisher Secret Stash Safe from our Hollands HIgh webshop today. It is a state of the art stash box that will help you keep your favourite buds and other items from prying eyes. It allows total discretion, thanks to the shape and colour. It looks like a normal fire extinguisher feels the same and weighs as heavy as a real one. It is 30cm high x 7.5cm wide and made from a real metal fire extinguisher. It is as realistic as the real thing. Get yours today and store discreetly.

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Two secret Compartments

Fire Extinguisher Secret Stash Safe gives you two secret compartments for your valuables. It tops secret compartments available in the market and serves you in different places. It has an inner tube measuring 11cm x 2.7cm perfect for small items and your stash. The second compartment is accessible from down below. The bottom screws off to a 7cm chamber for your stash. Furthermore, the extinguisher is ideal for the car, garage, laundry and your man cave. Buy yours today and no one will butt an eyelid when searching through your house or car.


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