Metal Bolt Secret Stash Box



Keep your stash hidden away from any person with this amazing Secret Bolt Hidden Stash. It is perfect for keeping your small but precious items safe and out of sight. The product looks like a normal bolt and weighs the same. It is made from the same stainless metal used in making usual bolts. It feels and looks like a real, old, rusty and heavy bolt. It will fit perfectly in your workshop or garage. Buy your Secret Bolt Hidden Stash from our Hollands High webshop today.

Perfect for the Workshop

The Secret Bolt Hidden Stash looks like a bolt and features an undetectable screw-off threaded lid seamlessly merged into the container and makes it safe no matter where you put it. The hidden compartment ideal smaller valuable things, such as money, gold chains or any other items you want to keep unnoticed. It measures 40 × 40 × 70 mm and weighs 0.390 kg like most bolts. The product is cheap and fits in a garage and car toolbox.


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