Ice Rockz Mint


Enjoy heavy and delicious smokes enriched with the globally loved and adored Mint flavour. The revolutionary Ice Rockz looked for ways to deliver the flavour without risking the user’s health and came up with the incredible Mint Ice Rockz. Mixed Fruits Ice Rockz deliver a heavy thick smoke enriched with mint flavour without any nicotine from tobacco. They are a perfect replacement for your traditional tobacco loaded shisha hookahs. The smoke does not cause any health problems, thanks to the contents. It can be used in different shisha pipes and is 100% nicotine-free. Buy your Mint Ice Rocks from our Hollands High Webshop today.

Smoke Report/ Effects of Mint Ice Rockz

Enjoy and relish the refreshing flavours of mint with Mint Ice Rockz. It will deliver cool, invigorating, vaporised jellified liquid absorbed into the stones before being heated. It provides more intense flavours compared to traditional shisha hookas. The smoke is also prolonged and will not affect your health in any way. You get to enjoy your smoke, knowing you and the people around you are safe.

How to use Orange Lemonade Ice Rockz

Using Mint Ice Rockz will not be any different from using the traditional shisha hookah. They have a similar procedure. Follow the steps below;

  • Shake flavoured Mint Ice Rockz to allow the rocks to absorb more liquid
  • Pop the Mint Ice Rockz into your bowl as you would do with regular flavours
  • Add foil with holes/charcoal screen
  • Add coal (we recommend e-coal)
  • Enjoy!

While all bowls are compatible with Mint Ice Rockz, the most prefered is the vortex/phunnel bowl that will prevent liquid from the rockz from going down the stem and dipper. Do not reuse the stones and keep used stones together with unused stones. Order yours from our Hollands High Webshop today.


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