Ice Rockz Apple Fig

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Apple Fig Ice Rockz is a perfect option for you if you seek a 100% tobacco-free way to enjoy your Apple Fig flavoured smoke. They are mineral stones with absorption capabilities without any trace of nicotine and no health risks. They are soaked in a peach flavoured liquid and heated to give rich white vapour reminiscent of traditional hookah tobacco. They do not contain any tobacco like the traditional shisha smoke and let you enjoy the flavours for longer. It is a revolutionary way to enjoy your peach flavour. We offer worldwide shipping at our Hollands High Webshop

Smoke Report/ Effects of Apple Fig Ice Rockz

Forget the old way of enjoying your Apple Fig flavour and adopt the revolutionary Apple Fig Ice Rockz-you get to enjoy the same intense freeze sensation of the e-cigarette while giving you rich flavours. The white vapour is 100% nicotine free, ensuring that your health and that of those near you is safe. In this setup, there is no smoke, no carbon monoxide, nor combustion due to E-Cig smoke disposals. Order your Apple Fig Ice Rockz today and enjoy rich flavoured smoke.

How to use Apple Fig Ice Rockz

Using the Apple Fig Ice Rockz follows an almost similar procedure to using the traditional tobacco hookah. Follow the steps below;

  • Shake the container well to absorb the rich flavoured liquid
  • Use a teaspoon to place the rocks on the bowl
  • Place aluminium and pierce holes
  • Place your electric coal and enjoy

While all bowls are compatible with Apple Fig Ice Rockz, the most prefered is the vortex/phunnel bowl that will prevent liquid from the rockz from going down the stem and dipper. Do not reuse the stones and keep used stones together with unused stones. Order yours from our Hollands High Webshop today.


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