Mini CD


Any serious weed smoker, dedicated mushroom user and responsible drug user know the importance of controlling the amount you consume. It necessitates the need to have a way to measure the amount. The Mini CD Weighing Scale is perfect for the job. The small machine resembling a CD packet comes laden with the perfect technology to help you get readings of up to 75 grams. This mini scale is the ideal and balanced companion in the urban jungle or on excursions to the countryside. Do not wait, head to the Hollands High Webshop and get yourself one.

Discreet and Accurate

The Mini CD Weighing scale offers user functionality and privacy. It is small in size and can fit in jacket pockets. The mini-pack also resembles the classic CD pack and will not raise any eyes from anyone who lays eyes on it. You can put it between your other CDs or put it in a place where it looks like a collectable. The weighing scale offers a digital display and has only 4 buttons.

Features of the Mini CD Weighing Scale

The Mini CD has various features. They include;

  • Colours: Black
  • 500g Capacity x 0.1g Accuracy (±)
  • Discreet Appearance
  • Overload Protection
  • Vinyl Carry Case
  • 4 Weighing Modes: g/ct/oz/in
  • LED display

The Mini Cd is the perfect weighing scale for anyone looking for something discreet.


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