Fuzion LS


Are you looking for a small, smart and discreet weighing scale for your daily uses? Fuzion Ls is the perfect candidate for you. It delivers a discrete, elegant layout, outstanding precision and durability. The unit is housed in super-strong, plastic material with a clear protective cover that doubles as an expansion tray and additionally coated plastic snap case. The scale features a stainless steel weighing platform, LCD screen and six weighing modes. When well taken of and treated properly, Fuzion LS will provide years of reliable service! Order yours from our Hollands High Webshop today.

Small and Discreet

If keeping your things discreet is your vibe, the Fuzion LS will serve you well. It is a small gadget delivered with a silver pouch in which to keep it. It resembles a cigarette pouch. . It ensures that you get the correct dosages to the accuracy of positive or negative 0.01 grams and protects you from any kind of overuse. The small size of the scale means you can carry it around in your jacket pockets without raising any eyebrows.

Features of Fuzion LS

The features that make Fuzion LS the perfect scale include;

  • Colour- black
  • 500 gram capacity with 0.1g accuracy or 300gram capacity with 0.1g accuracy or 50gram capacity
  • with 0.01g accuracy or 100gram capacity with 0.01g accuracy
  • LED display
  • Weighing modes- g, oz, gn, ct
  • Range- Tare full capacity
  • Auto-off- 30 seconds off

Get yourself this incredible gadget from our Hollands high webshop today.


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