Fuzion Diablo 75g


Are you looking for a futuristic kind of scale to weigh your medication and herbs? Look no more. The Fuzion company, a leader in making smart devices, designed Fuzion Diablo 75g to suit all your weighing needs. The scale will offer sleek, modern design, impeccable accuracy and durability throughout the life cycle. The strong plastic casing is perfect for protecting the scale and also works as an expansion tray. The scale features an oversized stainless steel weighing platform, LCD screen, unique spring indicator and easy calibration. It is the perfect scale for someone looking for a futuristic design.

Futuristic and Functional

Fuzion company took a step further from giving its customers smart devices to create futuristic designs. The Fuzion Diablo 75g is one of the devices. It is a small tool perfect for anyone who uses cannabis, mushrooms, and other substances with strict dosages. It has an accurate measurement with accuracy levels of positive and negative 0.01grams. The size is small and can be carried around easily and stored discreetly in the house.

Features of the Fuzion Diablo 75g

The futuristic design and make of Fuzion Diablo 100g is complemented by;

  • Colour- silver
  • 75 gram capacity with 0.01g accuracy
  • LED display
  • Weighing modes- g, oz, gn, ct
  • Range- Tare full capacity
  • Auto-off- 30 seconds off

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