The Bulldog cone super size


The Bulldog Amsterdam is the pacesetter for many reasons. The company always offers an accessory to fit any situation. Their Super Size Cones are the perfect accessory for a quick fix at those huge parties. They are ready-made cones, ready to be filled at any time- you get to save time and attain the perfect shape each time you want to light some of your favourite buds. The cones are made from natural rolling papers and feature filters to help you save on buds and have a smooth draw of smoke. Order yours from our Hollands High Webshop today.

Perfect Size for Parties

Having to roll joints from scratch at huge parties can be time-consuming, especially if the demand for smoke is high. Having the Bulldog Super Size Cones will help you fix a joint faster and attain the perfect shape with each joint.
The cones will burn slowly, allowing you to enjoy your smoke slowly without hurry and worry of ash falling onto your couch or carpet. It is natural and made under the European Union regulations. Order your from the Hollands High webshop today.

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