The Bulldog brown tips


Having all your smoking accessories with you is top of the Bulldogs priorities. They decided to create the Bulldog Brown filter tips o go along with their many rolling papers, especially the Brown and Hemp rolling papers. The filter papers save you the time used to look for a piece of paper and cut it into small pieces to use as filter tips. It is time-consuming, annoying and very untidy. Each of the filter tip packages contains 33 paper tips ideal for either the 1.1/4 size or the popular Bulldog king size slim. Head to the Hollands High Webshop for worldwide shipping of the tips.

Unbleached Filter Tips

Bulldog Amsterdam has kept the promise of providing all necessary smoking needs to cannabis users. They did not compromise when coming up with the Brown filter tips- they are natural and not bleached. They do not contain any harmful substances and will not affect you negatively. They allow you to make perfect joints while at the same time allowing you to draw the smoke easily. The tips are bundled up in a compact booklet containing 33 fine paper tips and are 60x20mm in size for an easy roll.

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