The Bulldog blue king size


For any collector looking to add a sparkle that is attractive and functional to their catalogue, The Bluedog blue King Size rolling paper is the perfect item. It is the OG of rolling papers of The Bulldog Collection, and we at Holland High have decided to make the incredible rolling papers for our esteemed users. The blue colour of the package makes any smoking room lively while the contents offer a slow-burning session. It is a perfect accessory for your smoking needs and will help you enjoy your tobacco or buds comfortably. Order yours from our Hollands High Webshop today.

OG of Rolling Papers

The Bulldog Rolling Paper King Size Blue is a natural product created from organic Arabic gum. It is safe for the user and does not have any bleaching chemicals in them. They are 109x53mm in size, perfect for rolling a huge blunt to go a few rounds at a party or when hanging out with your friends. Enjoy your favourite bud using this thin rolling paper that offers a smooth smoke. Head over to our Hollands High Webshop. We offer worldwide shipping.

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