RAW Tips Wide


Most cannabis users can roll, but very few can roll a perfect joint. The first steps to having a perfect joint include having the ideal filter tips, and there is no better than the RAW Original Filter Tips. Each tip has 5 perforations on one side, allowing you to make the roll as big or as small as you would like it & make it easier to achieve the perfect “Z” or “W” shaped Filter. Each booklet contains 50 tips with a 25mm width perfect for all RAW rolling papers. Get the RAW Filter Tips Wide on our Hollands High Website.

Authentic and Natural

Adopt the easiest way to make a perfect joint with the RAW Filter Tips Wide- the size is large enough for you to use on the rolling paper of your choosing, especially the King size rolling papers. They offer stability even when they get wet and work to give you a perfectly rolled joint with a good airway. The perforated side makes it easy to adjust the filter airway and size to fit your needs and generally keep the buds away from your mouth and lips. The tips are natural and will not harm your health- get yours from our Hollands High Webshop today.

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