RAW Tips Original


Get that perfectly rolled joint with the RAW Original Filter tips. They are carefully composed of naturally unrefined long fibres using an authentic kind Fourdrinier paper machine without sparing expenses. RAW Original Tips roll up smooth and are strong enough to maintain their shape even when affected by elements such as water. Each booklet contains 50 tips measuring 59 mm x 17mm. They are perfect for all the small-sized RAW rolling papers. Get the RAW Original Filter Tips on our Hollands High Website.

Authentic and Natural

Use original and natural rolling tips in your daily smoking sessions. The RAW Original Filter tips offer stability even when they get wet and work to give you a perfectly rolled joint with a good airway. It allows easier drawing, keeps the end of your rolled joint dry and helps keep the buds away from your mouth and lips. They are made to fit various rolling papers. They are natural, and no harmful substances are used when creating the tips.

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