RAW Organic Hemp Cone


It is tire some looking for a paper that can fit as a perfect filter tip for your joint. You spend time, effort and end up making your place untidy. RAW, with their pioneering spirit, came up with the Pre-rolled tips to help their many users have an easy time fixing a joint. Each pack contains 21 pre-rolled tips, perfect for various Kingsize and medium-sized rolling papers from RAW. Buy RAW products from our Hollands High Webshop today.

More than Easy

RAW Organic Hemp Cones are created for anyone who wants to save time preparing a joint or does not know how to roll. The pre-rolled cones are fitted with filter tips to offer stability and allow you to draw smoke smoothly. The cones are easy to fill and made from natural unrefined paper like all the RAW products. They do not use any bleaching chemicals, making them safe for your health. They are the perfect quick joint fix. Buy from our Hollands High webshop and enjoy worldwide shipping.

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