RAW King Size Slim Rolls


If you are headed out to a party or linking up with friends and are looking for the best way to give everyone a good smoking session? RAW King Size Slim Rolls are the perfect solution for you. The large rolling paper ensures that you have enough to go more than a single rotation while at the same time making it livelier. Furthermore, the papers are thin, making them ideal for anyone who will not love to use too much paper. Order yours from our Hollands webshop today.

RAW King Size Slim Rolls

RAW King Size Slim Rolls are thin large and efficient. A sleeve can hold enough buds for a large number of individuals at a party. The thinness enables you to enjoy your cannabis. Furthermore,
they also serve a greater purpose of ensuring a smooth burn. By eliminating toxic chemicals and additives from the rolling papers, RAW offers users a memorable smoking experience. Therefore, users can enjoy the terpene profile of various cannabis strains without interference from chemicals and dyes. Order yours from our hollands High Webshop today.


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