RAW 5 stage RAWKET Cones


The only thing that can beat having pre-rolled cones for your marijuana use is having a pack containing different sizes of pre-rolled cones. The RAW 5 stage Rawket Cones are 5 different sized cones to fit any of your needs on different occasions. The natural cones range from Kingsize, one and a quarter, regular size and smaller cones. You are able to fill up fast and enjoy a smooth stream of smoke thanks to the filters incorporated into the cones. Get your RAW 5 Stage RAWKET Cones from our Hollands High Headshop today.

All Sizes Available

Raw was thinking of the different sizes of joints we roll in different settings when creating the RAW 5 Stage RAWKET Cones. You have the perfect cone for a session with friends and another size for your evening session when you want to smoke in silence. They are made from organic papers created without chemical additives and bleaching elements. It allows you to enjoy a perfectly rolled joint. Buy your RAW 5 Stage RAWKET Cones from Hollands High Webshop and enjoy worldwide shipping.

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