Poker Filter Tips


Incorporate the Poker filter Tips into your rolling traditions today. They help you avoid the stress and strain of going around the house in search of papers to cut into filter tips while saving time used in cleaning the cutouts. They are made from natural cellulose without wood, meaning they will not choke you in case they burn. Each of the booklets contains 52 white Poker Filter Tips, 2.6 cm wide, 4.9 cm long. It is highly functional. Buy your Poker Paper Tips from our Hollands High Headshop today.

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Cellulose Made

Filter tips are a great way of creating a perfect joint. You get to enjoy more smoke with easier drawing as the filter will make a good airway from which to draw. It gives you stability in making a perfect joint and will not harm you if you smoke past the last of your buds without realising it. It is the perfect filter tip created from cellulose and has a size to fit a wide variety of rolling papers like medium and king-sized. Get yours today and enjoy smooth uninterrupted smoke.

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