MentholClick – Cigarette flavouring stick


Introducing the Menthol Click pen, a revolutionary solution crafted to elevate your smoking experience with a burst of refreshing menthol flavor. Designed to infuse up to 40 cigarettes with the delightful essence of menthol, this innovative device offers simplicity and enjoyment in every puff.

The process is as straightforward as it is satisfying: with a simple push of the Menthol Click’s tip into the back of your cigarette filter for just one second, watch as your regular smoke is magically transformed into a menthol masterpiece. Gone are the days of needing to purchase an entire pack of menthol cigarettes to enjoy that cool, invigorating taste. With the Menthol Click pen, you have the freedom to enhance your smoking experience on demand, without any commitment.

Ideal for both occasional smokers looking to switch up their routine and menthol enthusiasts seeking convenience and versatility, the Menthol Click pen offers a hassle-free solution to infuse your cigarettes with a burst of coolness and flavor. Whether you’re relaxing at home, socializing with friends, or on the go, this compact and portable device ensures that refreshing menthol goodness is always within reach.

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional menthol cigarettes and hello to a new era of smoking enjoyment with the Menthol Click pen. Elevate your smoking experience today and discover the convenience, versatility, and delicious flavor it has to offer.

Ready to experience the refreshing burst of menthol? Order your Menthol Click pen now and take your smoking experience to the next level.

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