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Mascotte is renowned around the globe for being a quality pacesetter. They decided to give their esteemed customers everything they need for a joint at all times- a long, super-thin rolling paper, tips and a magnetic closure. The thinness allows you to enjoy your smoke without choking, while the slow-burning allows you to enjoy your smoke without the worry of losing some buds. The magnetic closure will keep the papers and tips safe from moisture and other elements. Find both products on our Hollands High Webshop today.

King Size Slim White

King Size Slim White

Choosing the perfect rolling paper for your session is crucial. You will want something that burns slowly and maintains the highest quality. Mascotte Original slim size is originals for a reason. They are of the highest quality and shows by feel and sight. Mascotte’s Original contains 34 King Size rolling papers, so you can roll a perfect inside out! This rolling paper offers ample space – guaranteed, and burns at such a relaxed pace that you will relax with it! The booklet features a magnetic closure ensuring the papers are protected from moisture and other elements.

King Size Slim Brown

Mascotte has maintained their name as a top rolling paper producer and never seem to get it wrong. The Brown Slim Size papers are the original slim size papers but unbleached. It ensures that the rolling papers do not contain any chemicals harmful to the user’s health. Mascotte Brown contains 34 Slim Size rolling papers, perfect for the inside out. The papers are packaged in a compact booklet with sturdy magnetic closure to keep them safe from moisture and other elements. They are perfect for a natural, smooth smoke.

Mascotte Slowflu by Kevin

Enjoy the same old quality rolling papers from Mascotte with a twist. Original papers on the inside and a design by Kevin on the outside. The outer covering features a snail inspired by the name Slowflu and makes an attractive piece of art. You can see him against the backdrop of a skyline of an unknown city, giving the design a metropolitan feel. Anyone who loves the colour Blue will appreciate the Blue Skyline representing Kevin’s favourite colour. The designer has won different awards, and you can join the winning side by getting yours from our Hollands High Webshop.

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