Juicy Hemp Wrap Red Alert


If you are a fanatic of the red coloured fruits and would like to smoke buds with similar flavours, Juicy Hemp Wrap Red Alert is the perfect rolling accessory for you. The paper delivers the incredible tastes of strawberry, cherry, berry which will give you a great feel while smoking. It is made from natural hemp fibres and natural gum, ensuring that no tobacco is incorporated into making it. Each pack holds two Juicy Hemp Wraps with the Red Alert flavours. It is a perfect way for users who want to deal away with tobacco wraps.

Full of Flavours

The Juicy Hemp Wrap Red Alert is a natural product created from hemp fibres. It is environmentally sustainable and offers the user an improved smoking experience. The gum line used in flavoured blunt wrap paper is extracted naturally from plants and locks at a go. Furthermore, the papers have a quality of burning slow and even and have a rough texture giving the smoker enough time to enjoy and finish the blunt. The wraps arrive in a resealable pack. Get your wraps today.


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