Wooden Rolling Tray


If you are looking for something different in your smoking accessory, you should go to the RQS Wooden Rolling Tray. It will deliver functionality while keeping it natural. The tray stands out from the crowd, is a perfect gift for anyone and handmade from wood and does not incorporate paint and chemicals. The makers decided to use a plant oil finish to keep the whole product natural. You do not have to worry about any paint peeling getting into your buds. It is a perfect accessory that will help you have a clean and smooth-rolling session. Order yours from our Hollands High Webshop today.

Wooden Rolling Tray

The RQS Wooden Rolling Tray is perfect if you want to get closer to Mother Nature when rolling a joint! It is a natural product that utilises Australian blackwood and plant oil to make the product safe and chemical-free. Apart from the good looks, the curved part of the tray act as a good barrier to prevent your buds from falling over. You can easily place the tray on your laps and go on with your rolling undeterred. Head to our Hollands High Webshop today and order your RQS Wooden Rolling Tray.

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