The Bulldog Amsterdam Rolling tray


If you are looking for a waste-free way to roll your buds, The Bulldog Amsterdam is the perfect solution for you. It is a simple and stylish tray with a smooth finish. It is made of lightweight metal, making it easily portable. The numerous sizes the tray comes in to ensure that you get one that fits your needs. Store them in small places including office desk, and use them at any time. They are easily placed on the lap. Head to the Hollands High Webshop and pick one that suits your rolling needs.

The Bulldog Amsterdam Rolling tray

The Bulldog Amsterdam Rolling tray is made of metal with the iconic logo from the coffee shop. They are sure eye-catchers on any coffee table. It pays homage to the world renowned cannabis shop that first coined the word coffeeshop. You can use the tray anywhere; in the workshop or home office, kitchen or car. You can lap it anywhere. The Bulldog rolling tray is also a nice item to send as a present, to surprise a friend with. Head to our Hollands high Webshop and get yourself one.

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