Gorilla Glue Rolling Tray


One of the most essential tools for a serious smoker is a good rolling tray. While most come with low quality and poor conditions, Best Bud’s Gorilla Glue Rolling Tray is something at which to marvel. Apart from paying homage to the world-renowned euphoria giving Gorilla Glue Cannabis Strain, it is functional and easily fits in any space. The rolling tray will assist you in breaking your buds without fear of losing some precious buds. Pay your homage today and get yourself the Gorilla Glue Rolling Tray from our Hollands High Webshop.

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Gorilla Glue Rolling Tray

Gorilla Glue is known around the world as a top-shelf cannabis strain with euphoric and mind lifting capabilities. The tray features the famous Gorilla toking a smoke and you could join him with your buds. The small size of the tray ensures that you can keep it in different places including your drawer at work. Furthermore, you will be able to conduct your grinding without fear of spilling and losing your buds. It is an essential daily tool. Get yours today from our Hollands High Webshop.

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