Best Buds Rolling Tray


Have you ever tried any buds from the Best Buds sellers? If you loved their products, you can appreciate them by using the incredibly beautiful Best Buds Rolling Tray. The artwork on the tray is the perfect drawing to get you in that high and tripping mood. It features spiralling black and white stripes that will make you trip if you stare for long. On top of it is a hilarious illustration of a huge bud using a bong to smoke up a smaller bud. Apart from the art, the tray is highly functional and impress you.

Best Buds Rolling Tray

Best buds decided to give their customers something more than buds. They came up with the functional Best Buds Rolling Tray to help customers have an easy time griding and rolling their buds. The raised corners ensure that you keep all your buds and none is lost. The magnetic scraper on one end of the tray helps grind your buds if you forgot your grinder. The metal tray will serve you for years as it does not peel easily and is hard to break. Get yours from our Holland High Webshop and enjoy your sessions.

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17 x 27 cm


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