AK47 Rolling Tray


Get yourself this beautiful AK 47 Rolling Tray from Best Buds. It is a visual treat with the Budman holding two AK 47s with the words AK 47 plastered on top. The tray is a tribute to the legendary AK 47 cannabis strain and the depiction of the death of other trays will be a nice show once you are high. It is a functional tray that will allow you to roll your weed without losing some to spillage. It is a must-have tool for any serious cannabis user. Order yours from the Hollands High Webshop.

AK47 Rolling Tray

The AK $7 ashtray is Bestbud’s attempt towards immortalising the legendary strain AK 47. Any fanatic of the strain will love the ashtray alongside profiting from its functionality. The tray comes in different sizes to fit different needs. The raised edges ensure that the user does not lose any buds while the sleek shape allows it to be stored with ease. Great for skinning upon and not worrying about making a mess, this tray is easy to clean and should last forever. Get one now and keep everything in one place! Get yours today!


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