Hanging Spoon Screen


Anyone who prefers a bong over vapes and joints should know about the Hanging Spoon Screen for their accessories. Do you know that tiresome process of getting your buds or flavours out of the bowl for cleaning? You can now avoid it by using the incredible Hanging Spoon Screen. The 15mm version is best suited for bongs whose bowl’s diameter is 15mm. It also features a 45mm handle to help you retrieve the ashes without making yourself dirty. Buy your Hanging Spoon Screen from our Hollands High Webshop today.

No more Dirty Fingers

Getting your fingers dirty getting your ashes of the bowl is a thing of the past now. Get the Black Leaf Hanging Spoon Screen today and follow the following steps.

  • After you’re done smoking your bowl, simply lift it out of the bowl using the “handle”
  • Throw out the ashes
  • Clean the spoon
  • Return the spoon

The Hanging Spoon Screen is made from stainless steel to allow you to enjoy your flavours with any additives. It is also easier to clean. Each pack of hanging bong screens contains 3 spoon screens. Buy your Hanging Spoon Screens from our Hollands High Today


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