Handmade Glass Pipe USA

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Remember the old classic and stylish pipes our fathers and grandfathers used back in the day for their tobacco? Hollands High has brought them back in a glass form for your daily cannabis use. With this particular one, they decide to pay homage to one of the largest marijuana consumers, the United States of America. It features the American flag colours running from the top to the bottom of the pipes. The pipe offers easy smoking as it does not need you to buy rolling papers. It is the perfect accessory if you are a regular smoker. Order your pipe from our Hollands High webshop today.

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Advantages of using the Handmade Glass Pipe

The most common way of smoking marijuana is rolling the weed. The problem is that you may sometimes run out of rolling papers and you are left smokeless. The handmade glass pipe is a one-time purchase that will not inconvenience you. It is a small tool that you can easily conceal when travelling and offers discretion from nosy people. It gives dry smoke and can be used in places where you cant find water. It is simply simple and classy.

How to use the Handmade Glass Pipe

The glass pipe consists of three parts, an indented chamber, the neck and the mouthpiece.

  • Place your ground buds on the indented end. Ensure not to stack it.
  • Place your mouth on the mouthpiece and use a lighter or match stick to light the buds.
  • Pull in air through your mouth and the dry smoke will flow.

The pipes feature carbs on the indented side to let in the air into the pipe so that the smoke is taken easily. Order your pipe from our Hollands High Webshop today.


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