Handmade Glass Pipe Blue Red

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Nothing beats the classy, old hand pipes used by our parents and grandparent back in the day. Hollands High offers the same gorgeous variety of handmade glass pipes for your daily cannabis use. The tool is simple to use and will not need you to purchase any rolling papers. The pipes are simple but very functional and will ease your smoking experience. You can easily move around with the pipe as it does not need water to diffuse your smoke. It offers dry smoke to the user. This particular one is ideal for the user who loves the Blue and red colours. Order yours from our Hollands High Webshop today.

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Handmade Glass Pipe Blue Red

The Hollands High Handmade Glass Pipe Blue Red offers you agility and space. It is a small tool that you can easily conceal when travelling and offers discretion from nosy people. This classic smoking accessory is cost-effective as it is a one time purchase and will not need any extra material like water. It gives dry smoke and can be used in any place. It is simply simple and classy.

How to use the Handmade Glass Pipe Blue Red

The glass pipe consists of three parts, an indented chamber, the neck and the mouthpiece.

  • Place your ground buds on the indented end. Ensure not to stack it.
  • Place your mouth at the mouthpiece and use a lighter or match stick to light the buds.
  • Pull in air through your mouth and the dry smoke will flow.

The pipes feature carbs on the indented side to let in the air into the pipe so that the smoke is taken easily. Order your pipe from our Hollands High Webshop today.



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