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If you are looking for a stylish way to smoke your buds and impress your friends? The RQS Glass Pipe Steamroller is the perfect accessory for you. It is small, discreet and functional. It is ideal for any regular marijuana smoker who is looking to enjoy dry smoke at their convenience. They are stylish and will be making your smoke buddies want one too. The pipe offers easy smoking as it does not need you to buy rolling papers now and then. It is the perfect accessory if you are a regular smoker. Order your pipe from our Hollands High webshop today.

Advantages of Using the RQS Pipe Steamroller

The RQS Pipe Steamroller defers from the handmade pipes by shape and position of the carb. While the handmade spoon pipes have carbs on the side of the bowl, the steamroller has the carb on the side of the mouthpiece. These simple pipes allow you to clear large amounts of smoke very quickly giving you massive hits. These are some heavy-hitting pipes and can get the job done. It is a small tool that you can easily conceal when travelling and offers discretion from nosy people. It gives dry smoke and can be used in places where you cant find water. It is simple and classy.

How to Use the RQS Pipe Steamroller

The RQS Pipe Steamroller is a simple tool with straightforward steps to using it. It has a mouthpiece, neck and bowl.

  • Grind your bud and place some inside the bowl. Do not stack them up to allow airflow.
  • Use a match stick or lighter to burn the buds and pull in air through the mouthpiece

The RQS Pipe Steamroller has the RQS logo printed on one side to help you differentiate it from others at a party. Order yours from our Hollands High webshop today.


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