Black Leaf Pipe Screen Extra Coarse 20mm


Are you having a problem with your dry pipe or bongs acting up and letting chanks go through the bowl when smoking? The Black Leaf pipe Screen Extra Coarse from german manufacturers Black Leaf is the perfect accessory to keep your buds from falling into the water. It is easy to use and can be turned into different shapes. The quality is high, and the steel ensures you enjoy your flavours unhindered. They are the best way to keep clean. Buy your Black Leaf Pipe Screen Extra Coarse from our Hollands High Webshop.

Keep the Buds Out

Some bongs and dry pipes have large holes in the bowls and let the buds and herbs fall through into the water. The bong becomes dirty, and the cleaning process more tiresome. Black Leaf Pipe Screen Extra Coarse helps you avoid the same. Follow the steps below;

  • Foil the screens into your bowl’s shape
  • Put it on the bowl and add your buds or herbs
  • After finishing your session, remove the screen and throw it away
  • Add another screen for your next session

Black Leaf Pipe Screen Extra Coarse is made from stainless steel and does not change the flavour of your herbs.


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