Black Leaf Pipe Screen 15mm


Keep your bong clean by keeping your buds and herbs out of the water chamber with the Black Leaf Pipe Screen 15mm. Some bowls will have massive holes that cannot retain small flower pieces and will end up in the water as you draw your smoke. The Black Leaf Pipe Screen 15mm will help you keep them in place for your 15 mm bowl and keep your bong clean. It is easily foldable to fit smaller bongs, cheap and easy to use. They are the perfect bong accessory. Buy your Black Leaf Pipe Screen 15mm from our Hollands High Webshop.

Screen your Buds

Anyone who enjoys heavy scents and flavours can choose the Black Leaf Pipe Screen 15mm. It is made from pure stainless steel that does not have any flavour and won’t affect the flavour. Follow the process below.

  • Foil the screens into your bowl’s shape
  • Put it on the bowl and add your buds or herbs
  • After finishing your session, remove the screen and throw it away
  • Add another screen for your next session

Do not lose your favourite buds and herbs through the large holes in your bowl.


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