Black Leaf Pipe Screen 12.5mm


Do not let your bong get dirty by your buds and herbs falling into the water. Keep everything clean and tidy with Black Leaf Pipe Screen 12.5mm. It is a functional bong tool added to the bowl of a bong to keep the buds in place when drawing smoke. It has a 12.5mm diameter suitable for small bowls and can also be folded to fit smaller bowls. Each pack has 5 screens made from stainless steel. The quality is high, and they are easy to use. Order your Black Leaf Pipe Screen 12.5mm from our Hollands High Webshop.

Stay Clean

Beat the large holes on your bowl with the incredible Black Leaf Pipe Screen 12.5mm. It will keep your burning buds and herbs in the bowl and keep the water clean. They are easy to use, and the steps include;

  • Foil the screens into your bowl’s shape
  • Put it on the bowl and add your buds or herbs
  • After finishing your session, remove the screen and throw it away
  • Add another screen for your next session

The bong screen will help you have an easier time cleaning your bong. Get yours from our webshop.


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