Novi Plasma Lighter


Stand out of the crowd and amaze your friends or acquaintances at a party with this incredibly cool, good looking and advanced lighter. The Novi Plasma Lighter is not your normal accessory- it does not use any gasses or natural substances. The lighter utilises electricity to light your blunt or joint, meaning you can utilise it in different environments and weather conditions. It is easily portable and can be charged via any USB charging cable. It is easy to use and will serve you for a long time when cared for. Get your Novi Plasma Lighter from our Hollands High Webshop today.

King of Lighters

Novi Plasma Lighter is the best lighter in the game for a good reason. It can be utilised in any weather conditions, meaning you can enjoy your joint outside on a windy day. It uses electric ignition lighter technology that ignites at 500 degrees celsius. A single charge will last you with over 100 lightings and fill in less than 2 hours. Furthermore, it is small and created with durable zinc alloy to ensure it lasts longer. It is available in gold, black and 420. Order your Novi Plasma Lighter from our Hollands High Webshop.


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