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Are you tired of losing your lighters due to forgetfulness or do your friends have a tendency of taking your attractive cute lighters? At Hollands High, we have a solution for you. Buy the Lighter Leash from our Hollands High Webshop today. It is a small functional tool with two parts that will help you keep your lighter safe. It features a hook and a rubber part. The former is used to hook the leash to your trousers or clothing while the latter holds the lighter. The rubber part is rubber to enable any lighter to fit. Once secured to your clothing, you know your lighter is safe.

At Holland’s High, we understand the struggle of constantly losing lighters. That’s why we bring you the Lighter Leash – a simple yet ingenious solution to keep your lighter by your side. This small, functional tool consists of two parts that work together to ensure your lighter stays put.

The hook, designed to easily attach to your trousers or clothing, provides a secure anchor for the Lighter Leash. Paired with the rubber holder, your lighter is snugly in place. The rubber part is flexible, accommodating any lighter size, making it a versatile accessory for every smoker.

No more fretting about forgetfulness or lighters mysteriously disappearing. Once the Lighter Leash is secured to your clothing, you can confidently enjoy your smoking sessions, knowing your lighter is safe and sound. Don’t let lighter mishaps dampen your vibe, invest in the Lighter Leash from Holland’s High today and keep your flame within reach.

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420 clock, American leaf, Certified 420, Interstate 420, Leaf, Rasta leaf


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