Barneys Farm Lighter


Add the barneys Farm Lighter into your smoking accessories. It is a small Clipper lighter from the legendary dutch Breeders, Barneys Farm, created to serve their customers for a long time. It is the perfect lighter for any serious cannabis smoker as it can last a long time before running out. The small size means it is easily portable and can fit in a lighter leash with ease. While having a functional lighter, you can pay tribute to the breeders. It features their smiling sun logo and the name. Buy your Barneys Farm Clipper lighter from our Hollands High Webshop today.

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Perfect Gift

Thinking of the best gift to get your friend on 4/20 or the upcoming special event? Why not smoke accessories. The Barneys Farm Lighter is a perfect addition to anyone’s collection and will last for a long. It has a sturdy body, ensuring that it does not spoil before it runs out. It is passed through special testing and quality checks to ensure that it does not fail after purchase. Buy your lighter from our Holland’s High-webshop today. We offer worldwide shipping.

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