Paradise Grinder



The purple paradise grinder is a simple, yet unique tool ideal for any serious cannabis user. It is portable and easy to use, making it perfect for travelling and anyone who loves going out into nature. Its stylish, sleek look will match the lifestyle of anyone with style, while the purple colour will blend with most colours. The grinder consists of four different parts with different functionalities but works to give the user fine buds at the end. It is also unique, meaning you can easily differentiate it from those of your friends. Order yours from our Hollands High Webshop and enjoy a clean grinding and smoking session.

Why Use the Paradise Grinder

There are many reasons why you should purchase the Paradise Grinder. It is a four-part grinder that will not only break down your flowers but will also sift them to ensure you get the best fine pieces. Furthermore, it will save up some of the time you would have used trying to break up the buds. It is clean as it will not involve using your hands to break up the buds. Furthermore, kief collectors will appreciate the grinder as it is perfect for collecting it. Its colour is a bonus as it is easily distinguishable from other grinders.

How to Use the Paradise Grinder

The Paradise Grinder is a simple tool to use. It is manual and will need you to use some of your energy- very minimal. Begin by taking the lid off, putting your buds on the first chamber and closing. Rotate the lid slowly and let the teeth cut down the flowers. The pieces are pushed down the sieve to the lower tray, where they are collected. You can use the fine buds how you want- through a vape pen, bong or rolling paper.



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