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Any fanatic of cannabis or pothead will need a grinder. A good working grinder at that. Royal Queens Seeds offers a 4 part metal grinder with its logo engraved to the top. It gives the grinder a perfect slick look that will impress anyone. Furthermore, it contains strong, sharp teeth that grind your buds and can handle even the toughest, dry buds. It is small and can be easily carried around but the most interesting fact is its ability to harvest kief. Any hashish lover is sure to love the RQS Engraved Metal Grinder. Order yours from our Hollands high Webshop today.

Benefits of Using the RQS Engraved Metal Grinder

The RQS Engraved Metal Grinder is small. It will not take much of your packing space in case you are travelling. Some of the benefits of using it include experiencing the best smoking session. Grinding increases the surface area, making the buds release cannabinoids, terpenes and other important elements easily. It also makes edibles much easier with well ground buds.
Secondly, the grinder contains a kief sieve used to collect highly concentrated trichomes that can be used in making hashish later in the day. Lastly, you get to crush your buds into the size that fits you best. You can enjoy easy rolling or an improved experience using vapes and bongs.

How to Use the RQS Metal Engraved Grinder

The RQS Metal Grinder is a simple tool to use. It is a manual
that will need some effort from you. Start by removing the lid to expose the metal teeth. Place your buds on the teeth and return the lid. Twist the screen a few rounds and let the teeth grind. Remember, the more you rotate the lid, the finer the buds become. Order yours today!

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