4 Parts Deluxe Grinder Mascotte



Grinding your weed is a big and essential part of rolling your blunt. You, like anyone else prefers a good grinder that does what it needs to do. You dont have to look any further when searching for a grinder. Mascotte Presents : The Grinder Expert. Unlike that cheap grinder you already own, this grinder doesnt stick to itself due to its non-stick coat.The Grinder Expert has 4 different parts, its 6 centimeter in length and made out of aluminum. Stylish, Strong and very Functional.

The Grinder Expert is small enough to fit any pocket and easy to use. It has magnets in the top, and sharp teeth in the inside. Under those sharp teeth there is a sieve and a usefull tray with ironin disc. All to get the perfectly grinded stuff you need! Grinding was never so easy

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