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The RQS Pollinator Grinder With Mill is arguably one of the best grinders in the world. It is sleek, good looking, makes grinding easier, and above all, it is a hybrid. The makers borrowed different features from other grinders to create something that stands out and screams a dedicated smoker. It is a four-part grinder that comes with a window on the lid and a handle for extra fast milling. The grinder is not something you will want to substitute in the future. Its design is ideal for an enjoyable cannabis lifestyle and is perfect for everyday use. Each of those four pieces fit together, creating a compact and durable grinder. Order yours from our Webshop today.

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Why Use the RQS Pollinator Grinder With Mill

While style and look are the primary things to look at when buying a grinder, RQS Pollinator Grinder With Mill has a sleek decorative look that will impress you. Furthermore, the four-part grinder has a protective screen that will help sift small, better pieces to the lower tray where to collect the buds. It will help you save on the buds lost by sticking around walls like other grinders. Also, you can collect kief for your hashish by wiping down the screen. Lastly, the grinder has a handle that makes the milling faster.

How to use the RQS Pollinator Grinder with Mill

The RQS Pollinator Grinder is perfect for your daily smoking routine. It is designed to make grinding easier and has a mill on the top to help. Remove the lid, put your buds on the metal teeth and close. Turn the mill and through the screen, you will see the buds getting a grind and the small fine pieces being pushed to the lower tray where you will collect them for smoking.

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  1. Florian (verified owner)

    Pretty good grinder.

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