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Whenever you are on the move and would love to enjoy your aromatic buds, you need all the essentials for smoking with you. Rizzlas and writers are usually easier to carry around due to their small sizes, while grinders have been known to be problematic. With the new RQS Grinder small window, smoke fanatics can get the fine bud they want for their smoke session. It is a small two-piece metal grinder with a transparent window in the lid. It has a stylish silver shade with words of motivation on it. You can get what you want from the grinder without much work. Order yours from our Hollands High Webshop Today!

Why use the RQS Grinder Small Window

Any Weed fanatic will tell you the need to have a grinder whenever you feel like enjoying some smoke. Each method you will want to use in enjoying your flowers will require a breakdown of the buds, and the grinder is the best option for doing it neatly. The grinder will fine the buds into small sizes that will help you have a more fulfilling session. The smaller the size of the buds, the more the surface area from which important terpenes. It also helps you get the right size for your vape pen, bong or rizzlas.

How to Use the RQS Grinder Small Window

The RQS Grinder Small Window is a manual tool that will use its sharp diamond-shaped teeth to grind down your cannabis flowers. Remove the lid with a transparent window and place your buds between the teeth. Close the grinder and start twisting the lid. Through the window, you will be able to see the buds getting grind. When you get the size you desire, open the grinder and remove your buds. Order your RQS Grinder Small Window from our Hollands High Webshop and Keep Growing.

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