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The problem with most common grinders is that they are not very small and discreet. The New Credit Card Grinder from Royal Queens Seeds has revolutionised griding. It is artistic in simplicity and practical design. It is flat and has the size of a credit card. It fits in standard wallets, conforms to the rest of the cards in your wallet or purse and provides the privacy you need. The RQS roaring Lion is embossed on the grinder to give you pride. It is an easy tool to use and will not attract unwanted attention. It is the perfect grinder for someone who does not carry anything else than their wallet. Order yours today from the hollands High Webshop.

The RQS Credit Card Grinder

The Credit Card Grinder with RQS Logo is a tool that will impress any cannabis smoker. It is small and will fit into any regular wallet. Forget about carrying around bulky grinders in your pockets or purse; this lightweight grinder card is the new way to grind. What is provided is pure discretion as no one will differentiate it from the rest of your identification cards and credit cards.

The grinder holes will not scrape or cut your fingers, making this a completely safe and convenient way to grind cannabis. It’s perfect for wet, sticky strains of cannabis that are difficult to handle with your fingers, and it’s a handy tool for people who use Medical Cannabis as well. Order yours from our Hollands High Webshop Today.


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