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If you are looking for the best grinder to utilise in breaking down your buds, the RQS acrylic grinder is a perfect choice. It is a small 2 part acrylic Grinder that features a printed Royal Queens Seeds Logo and the name on the lid. As a two-piece grinder, it is small and easily portable. You can easily put it in another container or wrap it up if discretion is needed. You will save time taken on breaking the buds apart while also allowing you to do it cleanly. It is delivered in three colours(red, green and blue). Order yours from our Webshop Today.

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Why Use the RQS Acrylic Grinder

Any serious cannabis user can attest to the need of having a clean and time-saving way to grind your buds at any time you wish to have a session. Whether you want to roll up your flowers, use a bong or bring in a vape pen, having fine pieces of the buds always gives a better experience. The best way to get your desired size is by engaging the RQS acrylic grinder. The smaller the size of the buds, the more the surface area from which important terpenes. It also helps you get the right size for your vape pen, bong or rizzlas.

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