4 Parts Grinder – RQS Logo


The Royal Queens Seeds has made a name for itself as one of the leading cannabis seeds sellers in Europe. As they venture into providing their customers with the best strains in the market, they decided to add accessories to their list. One of those is the Aluminium Grinder with the RQS Logo. It is an ideal companion for any serious smoker and will not let you down. It is a heavy duty grinder that will withstand anything you give her and give a fine product. The filter is perfect for ensuring you collect fine pieces, and the kief catcher is ideal for those who want to make hashish. You will also notice a huge RQS Logo on the lid. Order yours today from the Hollands High webshop.

Why Use the Grinder with RQS Logo

Grinder with RQS Logo is an aluminium made Grinder with a sturdy body and four parts for different purposes. It has a mesh that will help sift small, better pieces to the lower tray where to collect the buds. It will help you save on the buds lost by sticking around walls like other grinders. It also features a kief catcher ideal for hashish makers. After the process of grinding and collecting fine buds, you can harvest the kief from the catcher. The grinder will help you save on time and grind your buds neatly.

How to use the RQS Grinder with logo

Grinder with RQS Logo will not fail you. It is simple to use and can be easily carried around. Open the lid, place your flowers on the first chamber and close. Slowly rotate the lid and let the grinder do its magic. You can open it occasionally to check on the progress. The buds will be pushed to the lowest tray when you can collect them. Get yours from our Hollands High Webshop today.


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