The Green Gold – Mr. Silver Haze


Are you a serious cannabis user and grower fascinated about the inner working of the cannabis growing industry? Are you tired of listening to second-hand narrations based on imagination and hearsay? The Green Gold is a book written to tell the story of growing cannabis from a first-hand experience. It is told in a fun, humorous way and will give you insight into what happens in the marijuana growing industry. Get your copy of The Green gold on our Hollands High Webshop today.

Stories of a Marijuana Grower

Most of the Marijuana stories we know are told by bystanders and not the characters themselves. The trend made one individual write a book based on his experience in art. He chose the name Mr Silver haze as a pseudo name and homage to a marijuana strain by the same name. He stumbled across the illegal business of marijuana cultivation by accident and was later prosecuted and punished. He decided to tell of the workings of the growers in an interesting, entertaining and informative way. He talks about the benefits of marijuana and how the plant is special.
The Green Gold is an interesting book to read and will serve as a perfect gift for your pothead friend. Get a copy on our Hollands High Webshop today.


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