Grow your own cannabis at home with Igrowcan! This package contains everything you need to get a plant started in your own home with little mess and little fuss.

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Simply use the lid as a base, then as the plant grows larger and larger, transfer it to a proper pot. Within three months, the plant will fully grow into a baby variant of your chosen cannabis strain. Simply pick the strain you want and make sure it’s watered regularly and you too can use a cannabis plant as a natural home decoration. This is a unique way to add to the look of your home, by adding an interesting and natural flair to your living space. It can also help to spice up a kitchen or windowsill garden by adding an exotic plant to help complement your other herbs, vegetables, and more. Each Igrowcan package contains two seeds, soil, plant feed and a pipette to help add the nutrients to the plant’s soil and roots directly.


The plant feed is Aqualogic feed, a fully organic plant food made to help bring out the natural beauty of your garden and houseplants. Once the Igrowcan plant is fully grown, it can also be harvested just like an ordinary variant of the plant, only smaller, ideal for enjoying your plant even as it nears the end of its life cycle. The package of Igrowcan is designed to be as easy to use and keep clean as possible. All of the soil stays contained within the container until the cannabis plant is ready for movement into a larger pot.


Igrowcan is available all through the year, so there’s no need to wait for a specific season to order. These cans are a fantastic way to sample a strain without committing to a bigger buy or more involved grow. Their novelty factor also means that make fun gifts for friends who also partake. Each package comes with two seeds, so you’ve got a spare — which means that this is a very forgiving way to grow. Buy Igrowcan baby cannabis plant kits online from Holland’s High and enjoy an easy-to-grow sample-sized version of your favourite strain!

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