Hemp Heroes

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Hemp Heroes is the best cannabis board game you can find! Buy, Sell, and trade cannabis companies with your friends and become the ultimate Hemp Hero! Similar to Monopoly, Hemp Heroes is a business game, but instead of buying streets and houses, you can buy real existing cannabis companies! Order now and the first 50 orders will receive 1 free pack of 3 cannabis seeds extra!

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Are you going to be the next Hemp Hero? This unique take on the old classic monopoly is a fun and refreshing game to play with your 420 buddies. Forget about cash, in the world of hemp heroes the only currency available is cannabis! Yes, you read it right! in Hemp Heroes you trade weed with your friends! How is your hemp hero adventure going to be like? Will you end up in jail after your grow operation got busted, or are you a true hemp hero by winning free cannabis in the Highlife cup? All is possible in the new and exciting game!


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